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What is Edge HPX and How Does It Work?

Over the years, men have managed to make themselves their own line of supplements designed very specific to their needs. Men’s needs differ entirely from women’s, which is what drove pharmaceutical companies to research on what types of supplements would most benefit them.

One of a man’s basic need is sex. Women have that need, too. However, it could be something that could need supplements in a man since their sexual function could be quite affected with their everyday lives.

Men can also need relationships as much as they need sex. Women can handle those two differently, but for men, those two could mean the same thing—or could be very well connected at the very least. Sexual compatibility is one of the most important components of a healthy relationship.

This is where Edge HPX can help men the most.

What exactly is Edge HPX?

  • It is a natural dietary supplement. Made with natural ingredients, it is the safest way to make sure men perform better sexually. As opposed to its rivals that thrive on too many chemicals that cause side effects, Edge HPX guarantee no harmful effects to the body.
  • It release nitric oxide to the body. This element helps blood vessels carry more oxygen. It then feed the muscles and tissues even more, which leads to an increase in both size and strength.
  • It boosts frequency and strength of erection. Erectile dysfunction usually hurts men’s ego—taking Edge HPX will give you the assurance that you would not have that problem. Its natural ingredients boosts the erections’ size, strength, and even the frequency.

How does it work?

  • Its main core is nitric oxide (NO). NO is known now as nature’s super chemical. It is able to work with the blood vessels, which results to more oxygen being transported in the body. NO also feeds both tissues and muscles to help men have harder and stronger erections.
  • NO helps with sexual performance, in a natural way. Edge HPX has concentrated arginine and pumpkin seeds which both have the power to reverse aging effects on your masculinity. Changes in a man’s age, lifestyle, and health condition can all have possible adverse effects in his sexual performance, most especially his erection. The natural ingredients found in Edge HPX all amps up the power of NO in the supplement.

Why choose it over the other supplements?

  • It is all-natural. Supplements containing too much chemicals can have dangerous side effects that might even permanently damage the body. Edge HPX is certified to be all-natural. The effects it has on a man’s body is as natural as just eating the right diet for a better sexual experience.
  • It is clinically tested. Edge HPX has been tested by clinics and laboratories, and has been certified to be free from harmful chemicals that might do harm instead of good to the body. It is also backed by science.
  • Edge HPX is said to be the safest male enhancement product in the market. Offering harder, stronger erections and a better sexual experience but without any side effect, it is now one of the bestselling and most trusted men’s supplement available.

What are the benefits of Edge HPX?

  • It steers you away from erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is perhaps every man’s worst nightmare. Age, stress, and a very busy lifestyle all contribute to a possible unsatisfying sex life. It could seem to be something inevitable, but Edge HPX has found a solution for you. The NO compound it has work well that results to better and even faster erections.
  • While there are other NO supplements in the market, Edge HPX mastered how to deliver NO through diverse channels. It is not enough to have NO in a supplement. It should be potent enough to also support stamina and expanded penile blood-fill capacity. A supplement must have proper combination of both nutrients and potency to make the effect as natural as possible.
  • It is also a potent testosterone supplement. It does not only make sure it makes your sex life better, it also makes you more of a man, all despite the many factors that could affect your masculinity in the long run. It counters the negative effects brought about by aging, changing environment, lifestyle, and every day stress.
  • It expands your blood vessels for longer and harder erections. NO feeds muscles and tissues more. This results to an increase in your organ’s size and strength. You are bound to have longer erections because it also helps with your stamina. You will no longer get tired too fast, and will have enough energy for more, much to the satisfaction and pleasure of your partner.
  • It gives you faster erections. Faster erections mean more pleasure, which can always be a great way to make your partner happy and lead a better relationship. The best relationships have great sexual compatibility, and Edge HPX understands that.
  • It increases penile sensitivity. Not only will it give you benefits to please your partner, it will also please you as a man. NO also improves penile sensitivity, which will result to improved sexual experiences. Since both of you are pleased, there is a higher chance for a better relationship as a whole.
  • It boosts sex drive. No more reasons of too tired for sex, since the supplement is designed to also make you always up and ready for action.

There are several benefits this potent male supplement can provide, all of which are bound to improve your sexual experience and even relationships.

Studies show that most men use sex as an expression of love to their partners, it is almost a requirement for men to maintain a great sexual compatibility with their partners to make sure both of them are happy. The natural effects and benefits offered by Edge HPX are all well worth of the price. It is not much of a hefty price tag after all. With all the mentioned effects they will have on your life, it surely is well worth it.

Natural ingredients and with no side effects, those are the things that set Edge HPX apart from all the other male supplements in the market today. What’s even better is that its manufacturer, Optimal Health Products, Inc., care so much about its consumers that they can call on the phone to ask as much questions before actually buying it. That way, you can know you are sure enough to buy it.


What Foods Can Speed Up Your Metabolism?


These days, people seem to obsess so much about losing weight. There is just some kind of pressure tugging everyone to get fit and look fit. There are so many ways to do to lose weight, most of which involve either working out or taking slimming pills.

Losing weight the natural way is always your best bet. In doing so, one must focus on his metabolism and how to speed it up. Boosting your metabolism can be possible by regular exercise and many hours of sleep. If you have been doing those two for quite some time now but still do not see enough results, try working metabolism-boosting foods such as the following.

Hot peppers

  • Spicy peppers not only speed up metabolism, but can also get rid of your cravings. Spicy peppers have capsaicin, which stimulates our bodies’ pain receptors. It increases and improves blood circulation, and also helps regulate metabolic rates.
  • Choose from cayenne, habanero, or jalapeno. You can include them in your food, as it could be not likely for people to consume them on their own.
  • Peppers directly boost metabolism. Several studies have shown that eating hot peppers actually boost metabolism up to 25%. The spike, or sweating after eating can last up to 3 hours.

Egg whites

  • Egg whites are known to be rich in amino acids. These amino acids are said to be branched-chain, which are found to keep one’s metabolism boosted.
  • Eggs have protein and vitamin D, too. We all know that an egg is among the most nutritious super foods we can always have access to. What’s best about eggs is that there are countless dishes we can do to make sure we consume enough for the recommended daily serving.


  • Caffeine has long been known to have antioxidants that are good for the health. There have been a decent number of studies and researches that show how caffeinated coffee improves metabolism up to 16%.
  • Choose caffeinated. Decaf coffee reportedly do not have the same good effect on a person’s metabolism. So go ahead, have that caffeinated cup for breakfast and feel its positive metabolic effect on your body.

pears-applePears and apples

  • For best results, eat organic apples and pears. Organic apples are not hard to find and are among the most widely available fruits in supermarkets and grocery stores. Make sure you stock them up in your pantry for an even easier access.
  • Research shows that the fiber in these fruits speeds up both weight loss and metabolism. Some studies, like one from the State University of Rio de Janeiro for example, even had results where women who consumed at least three small pears or apples per day lose weight faster as compared to those who did not.

green-teaGreen Tea

  • Everyone knows now how healthy green tea is. Green tea extract has rich antioxidants that can help your body fight free radicals, including the dreaded carcinogens. Since we cannot fully avoid eating food with preservatives, it is wise to have something in your diet that can flush out the free radicals.
  • It is delicious and also very widely available. No need to endure something that does not taste good to be healthy. Green tea is yummy enough that you will simply love to have it every day. Apart from speeding up your metabolism, it also gets rid of your body’s toxins. You get so much benefit from a drink.
  • It has EGCG. It is a type of plant compound promoting fat burning. You lose weight, have your metabolism boosted, and improve overall wellness.


  • Not everyone knows that milk can speed up your metabolism. On the contrary, people even believed milk makes you fat. It does, the full cream variety does. Stick to the nonfat milk and you are good to go.
  • The calcium in milk helps the body burn fat. Remember that you are after the calcium found in the milk, which is not affected at all no matter how much fat is in the milk itself. Even nonfat milk has the same amount of calcium as the others.
  • Not a fan of drinking milk? You can also get your calcium intake from dairy products including cheese, butter, and even ice cream. They have the nutrient you need to boost up your body’s metabolic rate.


  • Like milk, broccoli is rich in calcium. Calcium is a weight-reduction nutrient that also helps in boosting metabolism to burn fat.
  • It is also packed with other nutrients. Broccoli is chockful of folate, as well as vitamins, A, C, and K. A serving can bring you all these nutrients, and it does not take rocket science to find them. You can find them in the nearest groceries, and can work them up in your daily meals.
  • Broccoli is also rich in dietary fiber. Dietary fiber helps your body flush out toxins that are not needed at all. It burns your fat faster, and also detoxifies your body.

Whole grains

  • Switch from white rice to brown rice. Whole grains take less processes before they get packed, so they are healthier. They are fuller of nutrients that can help speed metabolism and also regulate sugar levels.
  • Stock up your pantry of oatmeal and quinoa. Together with brown rice, they make up a group called slow-release carbs, which provide your body with long-lasting energy. Unlike foods with too much sugar, they offer energy without the spikes.
  • Go for energy without the spikes.Spikes tell your body that you have to store extra fat, which is what we do not want at all. Go for whole wheat bread and all things natural, instead of white rice and white bread for best results.


To lose weight does not always mean you have to starve yourself and go on impossible diets. It does not mean you have to settle for bland smoothies to make sure you do not gain extra fat.

Sometimes, the key is to make sure you eat a balanced diet with nutritious food. Research on each food’s nutritional value, and also consume food that you know can fill you up but would not stock unwanted fat in your body.

The foods mentioned above all help your body have a faster metabolism. Work them up in your daily diet, and remember to also keep up on regular exercise and good sleeping habits.