How to Deal With Hair Loss?: Hide Hair Thinning & Balding

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How to Regain Confidence after Hair Loss?

Sudden loss of hair can be quite damaging to a person’s self-confidence. Although hair fall happens over time, most people see it when they encounter their first bald patch or thinning hair. The impact on a person’s confidence is almost immediate. Women and men with bald patches or even thinning hair believe they are less attractive than people with a full head of hair. Women consider hair to be a big part of their overall attractiveness.

 So how does one recover from this shock?

Hide Hair LossThere are several ways to deal with patchy hair. Hair care market is filled with different ways to cover up hair loss. Starting from textured dyes up to expensive, but very real looking wigs, there are several options in front of you.

One of the most affordably priced options is hair building fibers like Hair 2.0. These hair fibers are made from Keratin protein, just like our normal human hair. They are cut with precision lasers to match the look and feel of normal hair. Some products use a glue to hold the fibers on to your scalp. That method is messy and gives mixed results if it rains. Hair 2.0’s hair fibers are charged with static electricity to help them attach strongly to scalp cells and surrounding hair. The resulting bond is strong enough to survive strong winds, heavy rain and sweat. This all-weather product comes in three natural colors to make it easy to match your existing style. So if you have black, blonde or brown hair, Hair 2.0 is the perfect solution for you.

In case you do not have bald patches but thinning hair, these hair fibers can help you build volume. The spray applicator that can be purchased along with Hair 2.0 makes it easy to apply the fibers evenly throughout to give a voluminous look. In case you have thinning hair in the front, get the Hairline Optimizer along with hair fibers. This tool makes it easy to create a new hairline, especially in the front.

Hair 2.0 fibers come in trial size and regular size packs. It is best to test it on your head, see how it fits before you buy a bigger pack. In case your hair fall is due to DHT, try out Hair 2.0 – Shampoo DHT that helps reduce the presence of DHT in your scalp. This is a great way to ensure your hair follicles grow back to their normal size.